Thursday, September 16, 2010

Why Did I Go Natural?

This is my second attempt at going natural and this time I'm not turning back! I started in October 2006. My hair was badly damaged and broken off due to relaxing and highlights...a horrible combination! I knew nothing about being natural so I thought "no more perms, only pressed hair", so I had my hair pressed for one year and 6 months. My hair was fine for awhile, even started growing back and looking healthy again, then of course over time, heat damage kicked in. :-( I didn't know what to do, honestly...so what did I do, started perming again!!! For 6 months I relaxed my hair again and I was not happy with the results.

I started reading more about natural hair care and looking at styles, then I realized I was going about this all wrong and needed to take control of this situation immediately. So...I stopped going to my hairstylist, stopped perming, stop using heat, and started my journey to growing healthy natural hair.

My last relaxer was August 16, 2008 and I started transitioning September 2008. My goal was to transition for one year, then big chop on August 16, 2009.

I watched countless hours of Youtube videos, read dozens of magazines, looked at tons of fotki photos, hair blogs, and anything else you could think of during my transitioning. After taking down my kinky twist. (one of my transitioning styles), I couldn't take the two textures anymore! So...I pulled out the scissors and started chopping, but I only cut half the permed hair off and went to a natural hairstylist to finish it off.

My Big Chop was June 10, 2009, 10 months of transitioning and I loved it!

Since my big chop I have tried lots of different products, styles, and techniques to maintain and grow my natural hair.

Enjoy, leave comments, ask questions, and good luck if you are transitioning to your natural hair journey. As of September 2010, I have been 100% natural for 15 months. I am no expert but I'm getting there...I think

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