Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My Winter Hair Care Regimen

I am totally prepared more this year than ever for Fall & Winter when it comes to my natural hair.  I've done a ton of research, reading, and experimenting with my hair over this past year and the connection I have with my hair is SOLID!  

The main technique that truly helped me discover the do's and don'ts with my hair is finger detangling.  I have been strictly finger detangling (using NO tools) during washing for 4 months now.  By doing this, I can tell signs of any and every need my hair has at that point.  Even when my hair is dry, I can tell if I'm getting enough moisture, if my hair needs better cleansing or has build up, etc.

My Winter Regimen:
  • Pre-poo-hot oil treatment for at least 30 minutes then add conditioner for 30 minutes
  • Finger Detangle in the shower
  • Section my hair off in jumbo twists then shampoo or co-wash (depending on my scalp needs) Still using Terressentials Pure Earth Organic Hair Wash at the beginning of the month for clarifying 
  • Deep condition for 1 hour or overnight
  • Huetiful steam (if I want to)
  • Rinse out deep conditioner with cool water
  • ACV rinse to help seal in moisture
  • Use a moisturizer then an oil to completely seal

That's it! 
 What is your winter regimen?

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