Friday, March 2, 2012

Time For Some Protein!

My hair needed some strengthening tlc....
My hair was feeling a little off and weak a few weeks ago, so I ordered 2 protein products from Curl Junkie to fix it immediately!
I LOVE this one! Hands down, the best protein treatment I have ever used!
My hair felt very very strong and soooo soft & moisturized. I was worried because my hair acts funny style whenever I use protein so THANK YOU Quest for the Perfect Curl for the awesome review!
*Curl Junkie Repair Me*
The verdict is still out on this product. I used it yesterday and again, my hair felt very soft but I didn't feel the strength I felt with the Repair Me....we'll see 
I'm done with the protein for awhile...my hair is back on track!
*Curl Junkie Beauticurls*


  1. I recently used a semi permanent rinse on my hait. Now it feels soft and moisturized buy I think it's starting to break a bit. Would a protein treatment help this?

    1. Yes and I would do it immediately... Only do 1 protein treatment and follow up with moisture, moisture, moisture! Now that you have color, you will have to monitor that protein/moisture balance closely. Protein will keep it from breaking and moisture will help balance that and keep your hair soft and healthy.

  2. Ok. Thank you. I will get on that ASAP!